Can You Find The 1911 Loaded .45ACP, Sig Sauer p229 and Spare Magazines Hidden In This Picture?

5:14 am Tuesday, July 23, 2024

By J.D. Holtz
Senior Defense Writer

It's a catch-22!

If you're like most responsible gun owners you keep your home defense weapon in a safe. Usually, in your master bedroom closet. The only problem is...what if you need to protect your family or home within 10 or 15 seconds?

By the time you make your way to the safe and unlock (in the dark)’re already too late. In fact many experts believe if you can’t get to your gun within 10-15 seconds there’s no point of having it around as home defense weapon.

So what do you do?

Well, you'd like to keep your weapon at arm's reach... but that's not exactly safe. And...having firearms locked-up rooms away defeats the purpose of having them.

The solution is to strategically place one, two or even three Tactical Traps in your home or business. What is a Tactical Trap? It's a "James Bond" like free floating wood shelf that conceals your choice of rifle or handgun or both.

In my foyer pictured at the beginning of this article, the Tactical Trap featured is the shelf right below the mirror. (I also have one in my bedroom and home office)

By sliding or placing the "key" over the center of the shelf the locks disengage... now when pressure is applied upwards the "secret trap door" opens to expose a high-density foam lined cavity holding my 9mm Sig P229 and a loaded 1911 .45ACP with some spare magazines. Check out a close up….

Pretty cool-right? You bet it is. And it’s the only “tactical” purchase of mine that didn’t have my wife complaining about me spending money. In fact, she loved it. She got to decorate the top with pictures knickknacks and some other junk. And I get the bottom reserved for my two favorite pistols that gives me peace of mind knowing if something happens-I’m ready to protect my home and family. After all, that’s why you, me and everyone else keeps guns in the house-right? You bet, especially now-a-days.

But Won’t Everyone Including Criminals, Will Know Where My Guns Are Hidden?

You might think so, but the design specs on this product are based off of some of the bestselling floating wall shelves in America. Virtually the same height and width. And I doubt we'll start a "wall shelf checking” craze amongst thugs because of this product that only seen by a small segment of people.

Even if someone did recognize the shelf (which is a 1 in 1,000,000 chance on its own) there's no way they could unlock the shelf to access your guns without knowing where your special "key" is ... and surely you wouldn't show people where the key to any safe is. Right? Bottom line is this ... no one will know you're housing 2 firearms inside of this Tactical Trap ...unless you tell them and show them in person and that’s what makes this product so cool!

Where can you Get a Tactical Trap?

For the absolute lowest price…hop on over to their website at and buy factory direct. They've got a deal going on Tuesday, July 23 where Home Defense News readers (that’s you) get a full $100 discount!

Their prices are already more than reasonable, but when you add in the discount and the extra bonuses they’re throwing in... it's a STEAL!

What people are saying:

  • Terry C.

    "Tactical Traps has BLOWN me away with their quality and customer service. Just ordered 2 more shelves today. 1 for my office and 1 for my Pops!" - Dan O.

  • Josh E.

    "What an idea! No one has a *explitive* clue that I have 2 of my 1911's inside." - Terry C.

  • Dan O.

    "After spending 6 years in the Army I know how crucial it is to have fast access to your weapon. This is a life saver. Literally." - Josh E.